Windows 10 bluetooth can’t connect to any device

I’m having some problems with pairing/connecting devices on bluetooth and I really can’t figure out the problem. Finding devices is no problem, but I just can’t connect to any device.

What I have tried already:

  • Restart bluetooth support service
  • run bluetooth troubleshooter

  • update bluetooth drivers

  • uninstall bluetooth drivers and manually reinstall new ones

There could be 2 things that caused this problem and I’m not very sure which one it is:

  1. I recently dualbooted to Linux Mint (on Linux Mint Bluetooth works perfectly by the way so it’s not a hardware problem)

  2. I recently bought a computer mouse with a bluetooth usb module. I have tried connecting to bluetooth without the usb module ofcourse.
    As stated above I have already unistalled all of these drivers and
    manually reinstalled them so I don’t think this is the problem, but
    I just mention it because it’s remarkable that bluetooth stopped
    working at around the same time I bought the bluetooth mouse.

Hope someone can help me here. Thanks in advance!

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