Installing ubuntu in dual boot with windows 10 x64

I’m trying to compile github project on windows but i get some problems , so the only solution to solve those errors is to install linux operating beacause this project work only on linux distrubtion ( sorry for my bad language ) .
I have windows 10 x64 and i want to install ubuntu with windows 10 in dual boot,
So for now there is no problem beacause there is many tutorials describe how to do this , i followed many tutorials but i get some problems in partitions .
As you can see i have this partition ,
+ My pc is lenovo z50-70

Parition in windows 10 x64

I have resized D: i give 30 Go ( unallocated space )
but i get this error :

Error Message 1

Error Message 2

So i want to know how can i resize and create volume to allocate space for ubuntu os

Note: I have used two software that allocate paritions but it doesn’t help me e.g EaseUS Parition , MiniTool Parition Wizard

Update : Error english description

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