6-pin EPS – is it real? And can I use 8-pin instead?

There’s this 2-socket server motherboard ASUS WS C621E SAGE: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/Socket3647/WS_C621E_SAGE/Manual/E15371_WS_C621E_SAGE_UM_V6_WEB.pdf

It has two 8-pin connectors and one 6-pin connector. I assume that two 8-pin connectors are for powering two CPUs, but on page 2-6 of the manual they only plug one 8-pin alone or 8-pin and 6-pin plugs together. On page 1-28 they imply that 6-pin connector is for additional powering of videocards.

I am confused. How many plugs on my PSU do you think I would need to plan for for this card to run on max settings — with both CPUs and many GPUs?

And second, and most important, what is 6-pin EPS connector? If you look on page 1-28 6-pin connector is clearly not 6-pin PCI and it looks like 8-pin EPS with two side pins removed. But googling for 6-pin EPS doesn’t produce any meaningful results. What is 6-pin EPS?

Will I be able to force 8-pin EPS into it? Or cut two superfluous pins? Would it not fry the mobo?

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