renaming emacs buffer names created by bitlbee

Using : Emacs 26.1, ivy, ERC, BitlBee

I want a function that calls ivy-switch-buffer with all my IRC/bitlbee related buffers. Right now I found this which works for buffers starting with # or &.

(defun my-ivy-switch-buffer (regex-list)
  (let ((ivy-ignore-buffers regex-list))

(defun my-show-only-irc-buffers ()
  (my-ivy-switch-buffer '("(^[^#|&])")))

Problem is, conversation buffers don’t have & or # in the front, they have names such as FooBar@BitlBee.

Is there a way I could control how the conversation buffers get named? I just want to add a # to all the conversation buffers. I’m open to other ideas to get the desired result.

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